Brian Stauffer: Concept-driven Approach

I was learning a lot from a video shared by my tutor Barbara Brownies today — Brian Stauffer’s lecture on his ideas and illustrations. As a humble learner, Stauffer, best known for his concept-driven illustrations, shares how he keeps in touch with social issues and interact with audience something in common. Although many of his works are done digitally, Stauffer stresses on the importance of generating his ideas on paper before using computer. He also shares about the three truths about creative fears: everybody feels it, everybody fails; and it never goes away.

Afterward, I visited his official website and blog. There are few illustrations and sketches are really inspiring to me. I had downloaded them as shown below, for my own references.


I coincidently find one of his illustrated posters, Romeo and Juliette, is quite related to my research topic ‘negative space’. Multiple shapes of objects, with ambiguity message, are discovered in both centralized positive and negative spaces: heart, the couple, sword and blood drop. I personally think that this illustration has a great potential to be converted into a logo, or served as a novel cover.

2680368610 4200681258


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