Malika Favre: Fashionable Graphics

Malika Farve is a talented French illustrator currently based in London. Many of her works are painted in flat tone colors and simple-shaped paring graphics. Her fashionable illustrations articulate a strong unique styling and sexual desire. Farve embraces the minimalist idea by making good use of figure-gorund conditions. Without drawing outline on the objects, she implies the contour perceptually by manifesting the law of closure.

Fig. 1. Malika Farve, 69, 2010.

Take her work 69 (Fig. 1) as example, a sexual posture of two women is shown by use of figure-ground conditions. The outlines of the women’s bodies and faces are invisible, even blended in with negative space, but we still can recognize the shapes of their bodies by using law of closure.

Fig. 2. Malika Farve, Carrie, 2011.

Farve’s Carrie poster (Fig. 2), which is one of my favorite, is a tribute to 1970s classic movie with same name. The red bloodstain merged with the background symbolizes the abused girl released her telekinetic power and revenged at the prom night, but also enhances the level of horridness. The bloodstain word ‘carrie’ is well crafted typographically, I especially like how the letter ‘A’ being shaped on the nose contour.

Fig. 3. Malika Farve, rejected cover design for The Kama Sutra, 2013.

Fig. 3. Malika Farve, approved cover design for The Kama Sutra, 2013.

As for the cover she created for novel The Kama Sutra, I would prefer the rejected black and white version (Fig. 3) over the final version which was approved by Penguin US (Fig. 4). The well balance of uses of figure and ground, again embraces the law of closure. The bodies and facial shapes of the woman are recognizable despite of using paring graphic in only two tones.


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