Yves Behar: Designing Objects That Tell Stories

This is one of my favorite talks in TED, Yves Behar’s Designing Objects That Tell Stories (you could find the original video’s link here). Behar, who is the founder and chief designer of Fuseproject, emphasizes that “designers are really the glue that brings these things together”. What’s ‘these things’? They refer to the value to business, the value to the users, and most importantly “the value that we put into the projects that ultimately create the greater value.” So how does a value create the greater value? He explaines that the issues of environment, sustainability and lower power consumption are the values we should look into. In short, the value could be really functional and business strategic without losing its intrinsic design essence.

Among his projects, I personally like his One Laptop Per Child the best. The project was initiated by Nicholas Negronte, who is the founder of OLPC, to launch an educational device for the children in the developing world. Behar’s product design is practical, economic and desirable, above all it hits to the right target ultimately. Sometimes, we as designers always focus too much on designing what we want, yet neglecting about what users really need. 


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